About Us


Semillas Core Values

  1. Co-create and empower community

  2. Wellness, care for community, empowerment, attentiveness, leadership, being present, openness, depth, humility, diversity

  3. Authenticity/transparency, professionalism and longevity

  4. Team-building, empowerment and enlightenment

  5. Education and Access to everlasting health & wellness resources for the community

  6. Leadership, vision and creativity


Meet Our Members


Edith Arias

I am a worker-owned member of Semillas Wellness. Semillas started because we want to share a preventative way to share wellness with education and practice. We grew up in the Southeast wanting more from our community. Semillas is a space where we as a community create the wellness we want to see around us. For myself, wellness has shifted and it continues to fluidly grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and in community. I now allow the healing journey of wellness to find me.  

Jazmin Moreno

My name is Jazmin Moreno; I’ve lived in a few cities throughout Southeast Los Angeles, but primarily raised in South Gate and Paramount. Within these settings, I grew up blindly accustomed to various social injustices, due to lack of education on the matter. Almost immediately into college I began to learn of rights and wrongs which pushed my interest toward wanting to see change and eventually wanting to be part of that change. I have made it a priority to be involved within my community since then and plan to continue doing so into my future career. My current action on such is being part of Semillas Wellness and helping spread awareness of necessary resources to others, so they too can not only be a member of healthier communities but perhaps also strive to build them with us as well. 



Luis Ramirez

My name is Luis Ramirez and am a proud member of Semillas Wellness. I assist with programming, and outreach within our cooperative. Outside of Semillas, I am also a part of multiple academic spaces including Bard College in Koreatown. I can be reached anytime at lramirez5220@gmail.com.

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